accounting is our profession,
business is our interest


We are a family of high-level chartered accountants in Somerset West with vast technical and commercial accounting knowledge.
We love solving complex problems.


“Simplicity does not precede complexity but follows it.”
Alan Perlis.

At BoshoffKnoetze, we are chartered accountants who approach complex accounting problems with entrepreneurial curiosity, and a sincere desire to improve your business’s financial health.

We have tailored our wide scope of Accounting Services to be flexible and personal. We strive to be the accounting family-name that you can trust.

Our resolute team understands the significance of this responsibility and is committed to providing you with dependable, thorough, and timely accounting services. 

We believe that the simplest solution can offer you the greatest value. Years of combined experience have enabled us to provide unrivalled creative, comprehensive, and compliant solutions to your business’s most complex accounting challenges. 

Together We Strive

When you choose our accounting practice, you can trust that your financial records are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business!

Why We Offer The Best Accounting Services To You!


Our team of chartered accountants fuses deep technical knowledge with an unwavering commitment to helping businesses flourish.

We bring an inquisitive approach to even the most intricate accounting challenges, fuelled by a genuine passion for your financial success.

What we offer

Accounting Services

Comprehensive financial and compliance solutions


Streamlined management solutions for complete statutory compliance

Company Registration

Efficient business registration and compliance management services

Tax Returns

Efficient taxation and compliance management solutions

Struggling with Taxes, business, Finances, or Investments?

We understand the complexities of navigating tax codes, running a business, managing finances, and making sound investments.

While we may not offer marital counselling or driving instruction, we can help you unpack your challenges and find solutions.

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